Changing the Way Your Project Communicates

A simple communication tool to get everyone on the same page
01. Increase Efficiency

Fluid Blue Prints will save you time and effort through innovative on plan commenting. This will free you up from countless phone calls, texts, and emails giving you more time building value.

02. Save Money

Cut down on costly miscommunication errors saving man hours and material. Our goal is for our partner companies to never miss a deadline due to miscommunication again.

03. Differentiate

Your end results show your care and passion for construction, so why not show a potential customer how you differentiate yourself from day 1 to completion.

04. Happy Customers

What’s better than a happy customer at the end of the job? With communication being the top complaint in the industry our system is sure to give you more happy customers and more referrals.


Fluid Blue Prints was developed using the K.I.S.S model... “Keep It Simple Stupid”
We Want to Make Your Life EASIER and more EFFICIENT not harder and more time consuming.
How many times have you been promised the world with new software and were left with more work than before? We promise that will never happen to you with Fluid Blue Print. Every site is custom for each of your projects. You will be able to login and be up and running on the site in under 10 minutes.
  • Every blue "FB" marker represents an individual room. By clicking on this icon, or going to the room drop down menu you can view individual rooms.

  • Every room has individual conversation markers to discuss important areas of the build.

  • Communication efficiency is enhanced with simple yet flexible discussion markers. Leaving room for both customization along with the ability to put discussion points on a deadline.

  • The notification tab allows users to track communication activities. Markers change colors to red to notify user if there is a new comment.


We hit this problem.. so we made a solution.
Brad Sylvester

Director Business Development

Travis Sylvester


Fluid Blueprint was derived from a very personal experience that Brad Sylvester had while construction of his own home. As most know, building your home is a very tedious and stressful process that involves many hours of attention and decision making. Brad hired a general contractor with many years’ experience that had built thousands of homes in the past. During the process of construction for Brad, there were numerous occasions where an e-mail, text message or voicemail would get lost in the process of communicating with the builder or superintendent, which created the need for something more accountable and streamline. The idea of communicating through the home’s actual blueprints seemed like a very practical solution because it is always a great reference point for both the builder and homeowner. To be able to notify the builder of different sections, requests, colors, etc. during the process would be ideal. This opened the door to Fluid Blueprint and the communications platform was born. The home building industry is evolving consistently and so are we, we give each customer a custom solution for the number one complaint in the industry, COMMUNICATION! With the integration of communication over the blueprints it ensures that all parties are viewing the same thing and there is an element of accountability that is held. From either the builder’s perspective or the homeowner’s point of view there is something to be said about having full accountability and Fluid Blueprint makes that a much more tangible achievement. This platform encourages proactive decision making and encourages communication during the home building process. Given the deadlines in which selections need to be made and the stress that comes with that responsibility, Fluid Blueprint gives the homeowner a vehicle to make those selections months early and uploading them to their home’s set of blueprints for review by the builder. Building a house, no matter the size or complexity, will forever be a more enjoyable process for everyone.


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